30 Days Internship on Raspberry Pi


What You will get
  • 30 Days Recorded Lecture Videos
  • Downloadable materials like PPT , PDF , Source Code & Dataset
  • Lifetime Access to Private Community
  • Lifetime Access to Course Lectures & Materials
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What you will Learn in This Internship on Raspberry Pi

  • Overview of this course | Details about Raspberry Pi&its Application
  • InstallingOperating System in Raspberry Pi | Basic Python Programming
  • Overview of Embedded Systems | Digital I/O with Raspberry Pi
  • Analog sensor interface using MCP3008 ADC | SPI Protocol
  • RFID-based authentication system using Arduino | UART Protocol
  • Temperature &Humidity Detection & Alert using DHT11 Sensor
  • Water quality detection using PH Sensor | UART Protocol
  • Waterflow detection using Flow sensor | Pulse sensor | Interrupt
  • Message Transmission using MQTT & UDP Protocol
  • Sending Email Alert using SMTP Protocol
  • Simple Message Chat using LCD Display using Raspberry Pi
  • Touchscreen display Interface with Raspberry Pi
  • DC Motor Speed Control using TrimPot | DC Motor
  • Automatic Door lock system using PIR | Servo Motor & Stepper Motor
  • Smart Energy meter system| ADC | SPI Protocol
  • Industry Monitoring System using IoT | Cloud
  • Webpage design for appliance control | Webserver | HTTP
  • Mobile controlled appliance via Internet| Application
  • Video surveillance system using Webserver
  • Weather reporter system using Weather Cloud | Smart Umbrella
  • Interfacing USB Web camera | Pi Camera | Android Mobile camera with Raspberry Pi
  • Face Detection, Tracking & Recognition using Raspberry Pi
  • Simple Book reader with OCR & Text to speech conversion using Raspberry Pi
  • Obstacle Avoidance Robot using Ultrasonic
  • Color Following Robot
  • Baby emotion recognition & Alert System | Music Play
  • Blind assistance system for Object Recognition | Deep Learning
  • Re-speaker 4 Mic array interface with Raspberry Pi
  • 360 Degree LIDAR Interface with Raspberry Pi | ROS
  • Brain Controlled Robot using Raspberry Pi & Brainsense

What you will get

✅ Complete Video recordings of the course

✅ All attachment Download – PPT, PDF, Mindmap etc.

✅ Complete Source Code & Data Download

✅ Private Community Access

✅ E-Internship Certificate

✅ Live Sessions on Weekend – Bootcamp

✅ Doubt Clearance on Live

✅ Lifetime course validity


Who can do this internship

✅ School Student who wants to upgrade their skills

✅ College students who want to upskill & build a job-ready portfolio

✅ Employees who already working in a company and need to upskill or get a hike

✅ Person who is looking for a Job


Which department can do this Internship

✅ In this century, specifically in this age category of 18’s to 30’s all of the learning period, so try to explore everything from every
department and later we can choose our niche. So this internship is for everyone who needs to upskill
Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Computer / IT, MCA, MBA, etc….

Sample Internship Certificate

pantech internship certificate

Frequently asked questions

  1. Once I have Done the Payment where should I access the course?
    After the payment is done. Please signup to using the same mail id used for payment.
  2. Where can I access the course?
    You can access the courses in our learning portal
  3. What is the validity of the course?
    Each course’s validity varies from each plan you have chosen.
  4. Is it only Self Paced Learning or I will get a Live session?
    It is a Self-paced Learning. Apart from that you will be having live sessions on Mastermind
  5. Where can I clear my doubts?
  6. Will you provide job opportunities?
    We will provide all the skillset that is needed to get a job
  7. Can I Take More than One Course at a Time?
    Yes, you can each progress of the course will be noted respectively.
  8. My Payment Did Not Go Through. What Do I Do?
    Please Mail us to
  9. When do I get my internship Certificate?
    The internship Certificate will be generated automatically in the portal after completing the course 100%. you can download from the portal for the respective course.

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