Summer Internship on Embedded System & IoT

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by Pantech.AI & WarriorsWay
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A course that will completely help you to start your journey of mastering Embedded System from Scratch

This Course will include:

  • 5 Core Architectures
  • 5+ Project Hands-on
  • Live Interaction
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access
  • Community Support with over 195,200+ students
  • Downloadable PPT & PDF notes
  • 7 Day No-Questions-Asked Refund Policy
  • Certificate upon Completion

Know About This Journey

Unlimited Weekend LIVE Sessions
  • Apart from the recordings of the course, You can get new value on every weekend
  • LIVE Sessions to update your skills based on the current Trend
  • Stuck in between the course by ERROR, Clear in this session
  • Do you lack of Motivation, we have MINDSET Coaching for You
  • Do you need coaching for Interview & other softskill, We have SOFTSKILL coaching
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Key Notes about the Course:
  • 8051 ,PIC16F877A, ARM7 LPC2148,ARM CORTEX M4 LPC4099,NODE MCU
  • 5+ Project Hands-on to effectively learn every ESD Concept
  • No Prior Knowledge Required, Course is completely from the scratch
  • Agenda is framed for 30 Days to make Learning as a Habit - 30 Day Challenge
  • Lifetime Weekend live sessions
  • Lifetime Private community

Who must take this course:

School/College Students​
  • Want to Master skill on the field of Embedded Systems
  • Need to build more projects on ESD & IoT
  • Need to build better portfolio to get job in Top MNC
  • Need to master the skill on In-demand field which has opportunity in the future
  • Want to explore most trending technology
  • Want to make career change to the filed of Embedded Systems
  • To solve their problem using Embedded System
  • To Educate the next generation about the in-demand skill
Working Professional
  • To build Products based o Embedded system
  • Want to make career change to the filed of Embedded System for High paying Job
  • To solve their problem related to data using Embedded Ssytem
  • Building solutions to real world problems
Looking for a Job/Career Change
  • Average ESD engineer salary is ₹ 9.0 LPA – Best career in the Future
  • Easy to learn, No prior knowledge required
  • More Hands-on project needed to be done to crack interviews

What you will learn on this 30 days

Introduction to Embedded System & IoT

  • Introduction to Embedded System Design
  • Choosing the Right Processor and Embedded Product Life cycle
  • Challenges and Design Issues in Embedded Systems
  • Introduction to Real-Time Concepts
  • IoT Trends, IoT Architecture, IoT Applications, IoT Standards and Protocols

8051 Architecture and Peripherals

  • Introduction to 8051 Architecture
  • Interfacing Switch and Relay with 8051
  • Uart Interface ,SPI Interface -8051
  • LCD & I2C Interface with 8051
  • Bluetooth Control Home Automation using 8051

ARM 7 Architecture and Peripherals

  • Introduction to ARM 7 Architecture
  • Interfacing LED & Switch with ARM7 LPC2148
  • Interfacing UART With LPC2148
  • Interfacing LCD with ARM7 LPC2148
  • IoT Based Weather monitoring system using ARM7

Introduction to Cortex M4 Architectures and Peripherals

  • Introduction to Cortex M4 Architectures
  • Interfacing LED, Switch and Buzzer with LPC4088
  • Interfacing UART With LPC4088
  • Interfacing LCD with LPC4088
  • Temperature Monitoring using LORA

Introduction to PIC Microcontrollers

  • Introduction to PIC Architectures
  • Introduction to MPLAB IDE and LED Blinking
  • Interfacing LED,Switch, Buzzer,Relay and UART
  • Interfacing LCD With PIC
  • DC Motor Control using PIC

Introduction to Node MCU

  • Deploying AI application in Hardware
  • IoT Temperature Monitoring and Forest Fire detection using Node MCU
  • Home Automation using NodeMCU-Blynkapp
  • Home Automation using NodeMCU and Google Assistant
  • Conclusion and Wrap up
Meet Your Coach

M K Jeevarajan

Founder & Director , (18+Years) Exp.
m k jeevarajan

Microcontroller Architecture: 8051,PIC,AVR,ARM,MSP430,PSOC3
DSP Architecture: Blackfin,C2000,C6000,21065L Sharc
FPGA: Spartan,Virtex,Cyclone
Build 300+ Inhouse Designed Products. 
Generated 70+Crores of revenue in selling embedded products. In 2015 Received an award from Nasscom as Top 5 Innovation product in India for the product Brainsense-Brain Computer Interface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know anything, Do we need pre-knowledge?

No need for any pre-knowledge on these courses, this courses are taught from the scratch including programming, Concepts & Algorithms

Is it completely self-paced? Or will I have any live classes?

You will be having  LIVE Classes on every weekend + Embedded 30 day Course self-paced videos

  • Weekly Mastermind Zoom Live – To clear your doubts & Gives additional latest lectures/projects on both domains which are not present in course
How can I ask my doubts?

You can ask your doubt in the Mastermind session or in our community

Where can I watch recorded video lectures?

You will be getting separate login access for the Pantech University portal

Once I made the payment what is the next procedure?
  1. Please wait until you get mail regarding your enrollment in courses (Maximum 12 Hours).
  2. Visit and start learning from self-paced video
  3. You will be notified with a community access link, to join our Private community! Which has all event schedules (Mastermind)
Validity of this Course

Its Lifetime validity for course with Lifetime validity for private community