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3 Month Certified Internship on Embedded Systems

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Jeevarajan MK

Founder & Director (Pantech.ai)

3 Month Internship on Embedded System

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⏳3 Month Internship on Embedded System
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Who is this Program for ?

Who wants to master All Data Related Job


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People with year gap

Anyone who wants to master one of the most wanted & in-demand skill

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What You will learn in this program ?

5 Core Fundamental Self Paced Courses + LIVE Bonus as below

  • Introduction to Embedded System
  • Choosing the Right Processor
  • Introduction to Cortex M4 Architecture
  • What is IDE & Installation, Creating a simple project
  • Introduction to GPIO
  • Blinking LED and Switch
  • Memory Map and Bus Interface of Cortex Mx Processor
  • Understanding Stack Memory
  • Exception Model of ARM Cortex Mx Processor
  • Understanding Startup File
  • Understanding Linker Scripts
  • Fault Handling and Analysis
  • UART -PART 1
  • UART -PART 2
  • Interrupt Programming
  • System Tick Timer
  • Implementation of Task Scheduler -Part 2
  • ADC
  • LCD
  • PWM
  • I2C -PART 1
  • I2C -PART 2
  • I2C -PART 3-DEMO
  • SPI -PART 1
  • SPI -PART 2
  • Bluetooth Based Home Automation
  • Data Monitoring using STM32 and Thingspeak cloud


🎁Bonus #1

Every Saturday LIVE Bootcamp - Evening 05:30pM

✅To Address Your Questions and Enhance Your Skills Beyond the Course Content

🎁Bonus #2

Internship certificate & offer Letter

Offer Letter & Internship Certificate

✅As Evidence of Commencing a 3-Month Internship in Embedded System

🎁Bonus #3

10 Days Live Hackathon / Per Month

✅A Hackathon for Participants to Collaborate with the Instructor, Accelerating Results through Tasks and Assignments.
Get All This Inside The Workshop
Total Value Of Bonuses: ₹12,995
Normal 3 Month Internship Ticket Price: ₹9999

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Meet your Mentor MK Jeevarajan

Technical Expertise:

Microcontroller Architecture: 8051,PIC,AVR,ARM,MSP430,PSOC3
DSP Architecture: Blackfin,C2000,C6000,21065L Sharc
FPGA: Spartan,Virtex,Cyclone
Image Processing Algorithms: Image/Scene Recognition, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Pattern Recognition, Object Classification, Image Retrieval, Image enhancement, and denoising.
Neural Networks : SVM,RBF,BPN
Cryptography :RSA,DES,3DES,Ellipti curve,Blowfish,DiffIe Hellman
Compilers: Keil,Visual DSP++,CCS, Xilinx Platform studio,ISE, Matlab, Open CV

Founder & Director of 2 (7 Figure Company)


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About My Previous Workshop

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Time is running out. Reserve your seat now!
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Personalized Offer Letter

3 Month Offer Letter Will be sent to you on the beginning of the Journey
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3 Month Internship Certification

3 Month Internship Certificate Will be Generated once You completed 3 Months
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Need help with some questions?​

I don't know anything, Do we need pre-knowledge?

No need for any pre-knowledge on these courses, this Internship are taught from the scratch including programming, Concepts & Algorithms

Is it completely self-paced? Or will I have any live classes?

You will be having  Unlimited Weekend Live Session on Every Saturday + 10 Days Hackathon every Month +  5 Recorded Courses

How can I ask my doubts?

You can ask your doubt in the Bootcamp & Hackathon Session

Will I get Certificate once completed this 3 Month Internship ?

Yes, You will get 6 Certificates (1 Three month Internship Certificate + 5 Individual Courses Certificate )

Once I Register for the event what is the next procedure?
  1. Once You Registered in the above form, You will be directed to Checkout Page
  2. Pay the Fee amount Rs.1499 & Navigate to thankyou page
  3. Join Your VIP Whatsapp group in Thankyou page
  4. After 12 Hours, visit learn.pantechsolutions.net
  5. Start Learning Your Course on the given order above
  6. Then inside the course, Join the Private Community through the link given in course 1st lecture
  7. You can see Your Bootcamp & Hackathon Live Zoom link available in that Private Community

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Duration of this Intenship

3 Month