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3 மாதம் Certified Internship on Artificial Intelligence & Data Science -தமிழில்

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Sanjay Kumar AP

Product Manager & Data Scientist

3 Month Internship on A.I & Data Science - தமிழில்

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⏳3 Month Internship on A.I & Data Science
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What You will learn in this program ?

3 Core Fundamental Self Paced Courses + LIVE Bonus as below


  1. Introduction to AI | How to create basic AI application
  2. How to install Python & Libraries & Basics of python Programming
  3. Introduction to Computer Vision
  4. Moving Object Detection and tracking
  5. Face Detection and Tracking
  6. Object Tracking based on color
  7. Face Recognition
  8. Face Emotion recognition
  9. Introduction to Deep learning
  10. Designing your First Neural Network
  11. Object recognition from Pre-trained model
  12. Image classification using CNN
  13. Hand gesture recognition
  14. Leaf disease detection
  15. Character recognition using CNN
  16. Label reading using Optical Character Recognition OCR
  17. Smart Attendance system
  18. Vehicle detection
  19. License plate recognition
  20. Drowsiness detection
  21. Road sign recognition
  22. Introduction to Machine learning
  23. Evaluating and Deploying the various ML model
  24. Fake news detection
  25. AI snake game design
  26. Introduction to NLP & it’s Terminology
  27. Title Formation from the paragraph
  28. Speech emotion analysis
  29. Cloud based A.I
  30. A.I using Hardware

  1. Introduction to A.I & Machine Learning
  2. Exploring Various Python Notebooks
  3. Sale Prediction using LOGISTIC REGRESSION
  4. Salary estimation using K-NEAREST NEIGHBOUR
  5. Handwritten Digit Recognition using SUPPORT VECTOR MACHINE CLASSIFIER
  6. Titanic Survival prediction using NAIVE BAYES
  7. Plant leaf Iris detection using DECISION TREE
  8. Digit recognition using RANDOM FOREST
  9. Evaluating Classification model Performance Project
  10. Breast Cancer Detection using various ML Algorithm – Evaluation
  11. House price prediction using Linear Regression Single Variable
  12. Exam mark prediction using LINEAR REGRESSION – MULTIPLE VALUES
  13. Salary Prediction using POLYNOMIAL REGRESSION
  14. Stock Price Prediction using SUPPORT VECTOR REGRESSION
  15. Height Prediction using DECISION TREE REGRESSION
  16. Car price prediction using RANDOM FOREST
  17. Evaluating Regression model performance
  18. Regression Model Selection for Engine Energy prediction.
  19. Identifying the Pattern of the Customer spent using K-MEANS CLUSTERING
  20. Customer Spending analysis using HIERARCHICAL CLUSTERING
  21. Clustering Plant Iris Using Principal Component Analysis
  22. Movie Recommendation System Using Singular Value Decomposition
  23. Market Basket Analysis using APIRIORI
  24. Market Basket Optimization/Analysis using ECLAT
  25. Web Ad Optimization using Upper Confidence Bound – Reinforcement Learning
  26. Sentimental Analysis using Natural Language Processing
  27. Breast cancer Tumor prediction using XGBOOST
  28. Introduction to Deep Learning & Diabetes detection using Simple Neural Network
  29. Covid-19 Detection using CNN

  1. Road Map to become a Data Scientist
  2. Data Preparation – Power Query & Tables
  3. Data analytics- Formula & Pivot Table
  4. Story Telling – Charts & Dashboard
  5. Automation – VBA Macros & Power Query
  6. Descriptive Statistics
  7. Probability – Permutations, Combinations
  8. Population and Sampling
  9. Probability Distributions
  10. Hypothesis Testing & ANOVA
  11. Connect Tableau to a Variety of Datasets
  12. Data Visualization
  13. Connect Power BI to a Variety of Datasets
  14. Data Visualization in Powerbi
  15. Introduction to Python
  16. Basic Python Programming
  17. Python Numpy functions
  18. Pandas for Data analytics in Python
  19. Matplotlib for data visualization
  20. Seaborn for data visualization
  21. Kaggle Dataset and Notebooks
  22. SQL basics for Data analytics – Part-1
  23. SQL basics for Data analytics – Part-2
  24. MongoDB basics for Data analytics
  25. Introduction to Machine Learning
  26. Evaluating and Deploying M.L Algorithms
  27. Introduction to Deep Learning
  28. Covid-19 Detection using X-Ray Images with CNN
  29. Tag Identification system using NLTK

🎁Bonus #1

AI DS Bootcamp

Every Saturday LIVE Bootcamp(English) - Morning 10:30AM

✅To Address Your Questions and Enhance Your Skills Beyond the Course Content

🎁Bonus #2

Internship certificate & offer Letter

Offer Letter & Internship Certificate

✅As Evidence of Commencing a 3-Month Internship in A.I. and Data Science

🎁Bonus #3

ai hackathon

10 Days Live Hackathon(English)Per Month

✅A Hackathon for Participants to Collaborate with the Instructor, Accelerating Results through Tasks and Assignments.
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Meet your Mentor Sanjay Kumar

I call myself a Technology Explorer because I am obsessed with Technology, exploring different technologies such as BCI, Ai, Embedded & IoT, Robotics, Image Processing, Blockchain etc. Now entirely focused on Data Science & A.I

In my career, I have been working on more than 500+ projects & Products in various fields, Now I just wanted to share my PROJECT knowledge with the most enthusiastic Person, Yeh that’s YOU!

Now I am a Product Manager & Data Scientist at Pantech.AI, which is a Product based company which is crossing almost 19  Years successfully. We just took a mission to make 10 Million Studentpreneurs

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Need help with some questions?​

I don't know anything, Do we need pre-knowledge?

No need for any pre-knowledge on these courses, this Internship are taught from the scratch including programming, Concepts & Algorithms

Is it completely self-paced? Or will I have any live classes?

You will be having  Unlimited Weekend Live Session on Every Saturday + 10 Days Hackathon every Month +  5 Recorded Courses

How can I ask my doubts?

You can ask your doubt in the Bootcamp & Hackathon Session

Will I get Certificate once completed this 3 Month Internship ?

Yes, You will get 6 Certificates (1 Three month Internship Certificate + 5 Individual Courses Certificate )

Once I Register for the event what is the next procedure?
  1. Once You Registered in the above form, You will be directed to Checkout Page
  2. Pay the Fee amount Rs.1499 & Navigate to thankyou page
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  4. After 12 Hours, visit learn.pantechsolutions.net
  5. Start Learning Your Course on the given order above
  6. Then inside the course, Join the Private Community through the link given in course 1st lecture
  7. You can see Your Bootcamp & Hackathon Live Zoom link available in that Private Community

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Duration of this Intenship

3 Month