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Sanjay Kumar AP
Product Manager & Data Scientist

22nd May to 21st June - 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM IST

30 Days - Artificial Intelligence Master Class - Daily 1 Hour

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School/College Students

  • Want to Master skill on the field of Artificial Intelligence
  • Need to build more projects on A.I
  • Need to build better portfolio to get job in Top MNC
  • Need to master the skill on In-demand field which has opportunity in the future


  • Want to explore most trending technology
  • Want to make career change to the filed of A.I
  • To solve their problem using A.I
  • To Educate the next generation about the in-demand skill


  • To get great insights from the data which you working in
  • Want to make career change to the filed of A.I for High paying Job
  • To solve their problem related to data using A.I
  • Building solutions to real world problems

What You Will Learn in this 30 Days Challenge

Introduction to A.I

  • Overview on Artificial Intelligence
  • Creating ChatBot
  • Integrating Chatbot

Introduction to Python

  • Basic Python Codes will be practised
  • Explore Different Notebooks - Google Colab, Jupyter notebook, Pycharm & Python Idle

Introduction to Computer vision

  • How to install computer vision libraries
  • Basic on Computer Vision

Moving Object Detection and tracking

Face Detection and Tracking

Object Tracking based on color

Face Recognition

Face Emotion recognition

Introduction to Deep learning

Designing your First Neural Network

Object recognition from Pre-trained model

Image classification using CNN

Hand gesture recognition

Leaf disease detection

Character recognition

Label reading using OCR

Smart Attendance system

Vehicle detection

License plate recognition

Drowsiness detection

Road sign recognition

Introduction to Machine learning

Evaluating and Deploying the various ML model

Fake news detection

AI snake game design

Introduction to NLP

Tag Identification from the paragraph

Speech emotion analysis

Cloud-based AI

Deploying AI application in Hardware

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Hi, I am Sanjay Kumar, a Product Manager & a Data Scientist at I help people master skills in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Topics such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, etc.

I started my career by working in Product & Project development, Currently, I joined our company’s mission of creating   10 Million Studentpreneurs  by coaching people

After working in products and having done a lot of analysis in our company, I found my passion in teaching & now I aim to provide top-quality skill training at affordable rates to all working professionals.

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