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Ignite Success with our Intensive 10 Day's series πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž- No prior experience required

Sobana Devi

Founder & Director of Automate your business

22nd June to 1st July - 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM IST

10 Days Workshop

Live session

Session Platform - Zoom

Session Medium - English

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Who is this Program for?

Building Multiple Income Sources for Greater Financial Freedom





People who already running coaching business

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What You Will Learn in this 10 Day's Challenge

Essentials of Digital Coaching

Digital coaching leverages technology to provide personalized guidance, support, enabling individuals to achieve their goals and unlock their full potential

Website Designing

People will learn the fundamentals of creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites

Building Sales Funnel & Forms

Crafting a strategic sales funnel to maximize conversions and implementing a robust forms class for seamless lead capture.

How to record Courses

Master the art of course recording and create engaging educational content

Setting up LMS

Unlock the full potential of online learning with our expert-guided class on setting up an efficient and user-friendly Learning Management System

How to get Traffic

Discover effective strategies and techniques to drive targeted traffic and increase online visibility

How to create Facebook Ads

Master the art of creating impactful Facebook Ads and maximize your online reach.

Lead Automation Workflow

Maximize lead generation and streamline your sales process with our experts

Analytics , Heatmaps

Gain valuable insights and optimize user experience for data-driven decision-making.

AI For Buisness

Unlock the potential of Artificial Intelligence for business growth and innovation

Need help with some questions?

I don't know anything, Do we need pre-knowledge?

No need for any pre-knowledge on these courses, this courses are taught from the scratch, Concepts & Tools

How will I get the link to attend the program?

You will get an email right after you register. Please check the spam and promotions tab in your Inbox if the email doesn’t land in your PRIMARY tab.

Why does this program cost is FREE ?

The fee is just to make sure to get a commitment from you that you will be there. It is not the value of the program. You can understand the true value of the program only after you attend it yourself.

When is the workshop?

You can get all the details related to the timings and dates of the workshop at the top of the page.

Will I get the recording of the program?

Sorry, No recording will be provided

What do I need to keep handy during the webinar?

Just an open mind and a book to make a lot of notes.