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Sanjay Kumar 
Product Manager & Digital Marketer
5+ Years of Experience

21st March to 23rd March

10 AM to 12 AM IST

Marketing Blueprint

Digital Marketing 3 Hours Crash Course

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Internship on Digital Marketing

Who is this Program for ?

“Versatility is the key to innovation. Unlock your potential, explore all departments, and become the innovator of tomorrow.”




Computer Science

Any other department who need to work on Hardware

What you will learn in this program ?

Day 1 | Introduction to Embedded System | Arduino

Day 2 | Installing Software & Libraries | Programming Arduino

Day 3 | Basic Embedded application using Arduino

Day 4 | Analog I/O Rat trap design using Laser

Day 5 | Mobile Controlled Light & Bluetooth

Day 6 | LCD Interface with Arduino

Day 7 | RFID based authentication system

Day 8 | Motion detection using IR & PIR sensor

Day 9 | Temperature monitoring system

Day 10 | TFT Display Interface with Arduino

Day 11 | DC Motor speed control using Potentiometer

Day 12 | Voice controlled Robot via Bluetooth

Day 13 | Obstacle avoidance Robot

Day 14 | RADAR using Ultrasonic & Matlab

Day 15 | Brain Controlled Robot

Day 16 | Distance measurement using Ultrasonic sensor

Day 17 | Water level detection using internal & external ADC

Day 18 | Humidity & Temperature measurement using DHT11 Sensor

Day 19 | Water quality measurement

Day 20 | Waterflow detection using Waterflow sensor

Day 21 | Keypad with Arduino

Day 22 | LCD Interface- Simulator

Day 23 | 7-Segment display interface with Arduino

Day 24 | Servo Motor Interface with Arduino

Day 25 | Stepper Motor interface with Arduino

Day 26 | Power Monitoring system

Day 27 | Electrical Fault detection System - Overload

Day 28 | Industry Monitoring System using IoT Technology

Day 29 | Audio speaker & Protocol experiment using Analog Discovery Kit

Day-30 | Li-Fi based data transmission

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know anything, Do we need pre-knowledge?

No need for any pre-knowledge on these courses, this courses are taught from the scratch including programming, Concepts & Algorithms

Is it completely self-paced? Or will I have any live classes?

You will be having  LIVE Classes on every weekend + Arduino 30 day Course self-paced videos

  • Weekly Mastermind Zoom Live – To clear your doubts & Gives additional latest lectures/projects on both domains which are not present in course

How can I ask my doubts?

You can ask your doubt in the Mastermind session or in our community

Where can I watch recorded video lectures?

You will be getting separate login access for the Pantech University portal

Once I made the payment what is the next procedure?

  1. Please wait until you get mail regarding your enrollment in courses (Maximum 12 Hours).
  2. Visit and start learning from self-paced video
  3. You will be notified with a community access link, to join our Private community! Which has all event schedules (Mastermind)

Validity of this Course

Its Lifetime validity for course with Lifetime validity for private community